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How can scaffolds lead to serious injuries?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2024 | Premises Liability |

Construction sites are busy places where safety should come first. However, one danger on these sites is scaffolding.

Scaffolds are temporary structures workers climb on to reach high places for construction jobs. These structures may seem easy to use at first, but they can also be risky if they are not put up or used the right way.

Falls from heights

One big danger with scaffolds is falling. If the scaffold is not put together well, workers can lose their balance and fall from several feet up. This can cause serious head injuries that change an individual’s personality and can even lead to death.

Dropped items

Besides falling themselves, workers also have to watch out for things falling from above. Tools or materials left loose on the scaffold can easily slip and hit someone below, leaving them with long-lasting injuries.

Electricity issues

Construction sites often have electrical work going on. Scaffolds can be dangerous if workers accidentally touch hidden power or electrical lines.

Scaffold collapses

One of the scariest issues that can happen is the scaffold falling apart. This problem occurs if the scaffold is not built right, is too overloaded with items or if the weather is bad. Those in charge need to make regular checks, and workers should follow the rules to help stop this issue from happening.

While scaffolds may be a common sight on construction sites, they also hold hidden dangers for workers who use them, including spinal cord and head trauma risks. Safety is about ensuring that construction projects get done correctly without placing workers in risky positions.