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Aggressively Protecting The Rights Of Dog Bite Victims In Spring, Texas

A dog bite resulting in serious injury is a traumatic occurrence which, unfairly, tends to happen more frequently to children. A child may carry lasting psychological damage from a dog bite incident for more than one reason:

  • He or she may have a lifelong fear of dogs.
  • He or she may remain traumatized by the fear of the attack.
  • He or she may be traumatized by social ridicule caused by disfigurement or scarring.

Adults may suffer similar traumatic effects. Contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss the dog bite: the circumstances, the results and the future outlook for the victim. The Law Office of Gregory P. Lee, PLLC, is a valuable resource for people who have been bitten by dogs in or around Spring, Kingwood or any nearby Texan community.

Negative Impact Of A Dog Bite Injury

If the victim is a young woman, she may discover that her personal and professional opportunities in life are overtly or subtly limited because of a scarred appearance. A young man may experience similar consequences of a dog bite injury resulting in scarring.

In other cases, psychological damage is not as significant as the actual physical damage such as infection, ripped tendons in the calf or damaged nerves wherever the dog bite occurred.

Prompt Health Care Evaluation Is Critical

Regardless of the specific injuries, it is very important for a dog bite victim to be seen by medical professionals as soon as possible, to help prevent infection and lessen the scarring that may result. Doctors may recommend plastic surgery at some point in the future. A dog bite victim should not sign a waiver of future claims in exchange for money in the pocket right away through a quick insurance settlement — without knowing whether future plastic surgery is likely to be recommended.

Allow an aggressive Texas personal injury lawyer to help you determine and discover sources of compensation for the dog mauling victim. Insurance coverage held by the dog owner, the property owner or the dog bite victim’s family may be available to compensate the victim.

My background as an insurance defense attorney often works to the benefit of my clients who have suffered injuries in accidents and incidents such as dog bites. I consider myself a sincere and hardworking friend of injured and bereaved Texans who rely on the Law Office of Gregory P. Lee, PLLC, for legal counsel and representation. — Gregory P. Lee, personal injury attorney

Talk To An Experienced Attorney About Mental Anguish Or Scarring After An Animal Attack

After you have suffered a dog bite injury, you probably have many worries and concerns. Financial and legal issues are best handled by a lawyer who has proven to be an effective advocate. At the Law Office of Gregory P. Lee, PLLC, in Spring, Texas, our track record includes grateful testimonies from injured clients who received full compensation thanks to our efforts on their behalf.

Contact the law firm by phone or email to schedule a consultation about dangerous animals and bite injuries. We serve clients throughout the Houston area including: Spring, Conroe, Kingwood and other Texas communities.