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Fighting On Behalf Of Injured Construction Workers In Spring, Texas

A serious construction accident or fatality is nearly always a catastrophic event for an individual and a family.

Often it is a bread-winning husband, father, wife or mother who is suddenly unable to care for the family. The family is in urgent need of replacement of lost wages that the injured person used to contribute, as well as long-term financial assistance.

If the construction accident victim survived, he or she is likely to need extensive medical care and rehabilitation therapy.

If the victim lost his or her life, the surviving family may be in urgent need of financial and legal help in order to cope financially and otherwise.

Contact this law firm to learn how we can help you obtain the compensation that you need or deserve after a construction accident has resulted in injury or death. At the Law Office of Gregory P. Lee, PLLC, in Spring, Texas, we advise and represent individuals and families who have been affected by one of the following:

  • A ladder or scaffolding fall (ladder collapse, scaffolding collapse)
  • A roof fall
  • A crush injury
  • A crane injury
  • A forklift injury
  • An accident caused by falling objects
  • A trip-and-fall accident on debris strewn on the ground
  • Any injury caused by heavy equipment or power tools at a construction site
  • An accident involving any type of motor vehicle at the construction site

Sometimes, injured people or their families believe that the best thing to do after a construction site accident is to talk to the employer or its insurance company. The problem with this approach is that the insurer is almost guaranteed to seek a quick, low settlement. With your own lawyer, your interests will be closely monitored and protected.

Growing up in a blue-collar home, I learned to understand the value of a dollar. I am a determined advocate of people who have been injured in calamities such as construction accidents. My background as an insurance defense attorney often works to the benefit of my clients. I consider myself a sincere and hardworking friend of injured and bereaved Texans who rely on the Law Office of Gregory P. Lee, PLLC, for legal counsel and representation. — Gregory P. Lee, personal injury attorney

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After you have suffered a serious injury, you probably have many worries and concerns. Financial and legal issues are best handled by a lawyer who has proven to be an effective advocate. At the Law Office of Gregory P. Lee, PLLC, in Spring, Texas, our track record includes grateful testimonies from injured clients who received full compensation thanks to our efforts on their behalf.

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