Put A Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer On Your Side In Spring, Texas.


Put A Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer On Your Side.

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“After my traumatizing car accident, I was left feeling defeated. Due to my back and neck injuries, I was worried about my future in my career, and I was terrified to be in a car. My chiropractor recommended I get a lawyer due to medical bills etc. At first the thought of lawyers made me a little nervous, I’d never dealt with anything like this before. After speaking with Conner, I knew I was in good hands with them on my side. It was so important to me that I find someone who I could trust and that was honest. The Lees helped get me back to working full time and feeling confident in my future again. Receiving all the treatment I needed without the stress of the bills was a huge relief for me. They worked with my doctor and handled it all. Their staff was very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. They made it easy and stress free.

They were also very quick to respond to any questions I had along the way. I am so thankful for their help. They truly worked a miracle for me. I highly recommend them if you’re injured in a car accident.”
— D. Oritz

“Thanks again Greg!! My husband’s car was totaled after someone speeding through the parking lot t-boned him. As soon as he called me about the accident, I hung up and called Greg because he’d helped us through my husband’s first accident 5+ years ago. I was so nervous because Sean previously injured the discs in his neck during the first accident, and he’d needed quite a bit of medical treatment to restore his quality of life. I also knew this current accident would cause more damage and pain to his neck and shoulders and would again require medical treatment…”
— Sean and Arielle
“Thank you Greg! I tried to get help from the insurance company after my car wreck and was ignored. Thank the Universe I found Greg Lee on Google close to my house. He has been nothing but a professional at every turn! He was able to settle my case out of court with great results. Something we could have never done on our own… AAA (Absolutely Awesome Attorney)!”
— D. Vance

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