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Have You Suffered An Amputation Or Burn Injury? Call Our Attorney In Spring, Texas.

An industrial accident resulting in an amputation is usually an irreversible event. While some doctors have been able to reattach fingers, toes, and even hands and arms through surgery after an amputation accident, this is the exception rather than the rule.

Still, the amputation victim will need reconstructive surgery to close wounds and, usually, to prepare a victim for a prosthesis. The healing time is a critical period for preventing infection and further harm.

The amputee may also require prostheses for the rest of their lives, and/or assistive devices such as crutches and wheelchairs.

Furthermore, in some lines of work, it will no longer be possible or safe for the amputation victim to return to the same line of work. Vocational rehabilitation may be a very real need.

A Successful Claim Protects Your Future

A successful injury claim will take all these factors into account, presented in a clear, direct demand to the appropriate insurer. Contact the Law Office of Gregory P. Lee, PLLC, in Spring, Texas, to learn how we can help maximize your compensation after an amputation or burn injury.

A burn injury is likewise a devastating, life-changing event for many people. The victim is glad to be alive — yet is likely to be depressed afterward by disfigurement and scarring. A plastic surgeon may recommend skin grafts. It is important to take all costs into account before finalizing the case for compensation.

As a personal injury attorney, I bring to the table the knowledge and experience that I gained as an insurance defense attorney when representing victims of serious accidents such as amputations and burn injuries. I consider myself a sincere and hard-working friend of injured and bereaved Texans who rely on the Law Office of Gregory P. Lee, PLLC, for legal counsel and representation. — Gregory P. Lee, personal injury attorney

Did You Suffer An Amputation Or Burn Injury? We Can Help.

After you have suffered a serious injury such as amputation of a hand or severe burns, you have many worries and concerns. Financial and legal aspects are best handled by a lawyer who has proven to be an effective advocate. At the Law Office of Gregory P. Lee, PLLC, our track record includes grateful testimonies from injured clients who received full compensation thanks to our efforts on their behalf. Contact us by phone or email to schedule a consultation. We serve clients throughout the Houston area including: Spring, Conroe, Kingwood and other Texas communities.