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Insurance policyholders often assume that they will have the opportunity to file a claim and be fairly compensated according to the terms of the policy in the event of an injury or death of a family member. All too often, unfortunately, insurance companies hold out for smaller benefit payouts. They seek to avoid paying full dollar on legitimate claims after a car accident or workplace accident including offshore, oil field or refinery accidents. Avoidance tactics may include the following:

  • The insurer may claim that the policy is void because of late payments in the past.
  • The insurer may claim that the accident does not fall within the scope of the policy terms.
  • The insurer may compel a claimant to “jump through hoops” to such an extent that payment of a claim is significantly delayed by the insurer’s actions.

Whatever the avoidance tactic your insurance company is using or seems likely to use against you, rest assured that you have an unusually well-qualified insurance litigation attorney available at the Law Office of Gregory P. Lee, PLLC, in Spring, Texas.

I am attorney Gregory P. Lee. My professional career began in the insurance business. Once I learned of the prevalence of the so-called “delay, deny, defend” mode of operation of insurance companies, I decided to become a personal injury attorney to fight on the side of the injured. I put my firsthand knowledge of insurance companies to work on behalf of clients who have legitimate claims against those companies.

My law career began in insurance defense. I am well prepared to meet opponents head-on in any type of insurance litigation on behalf of injured plaintiffs. I consider myself a sincere and hardworking friend of injured and bereaved Texans who rely on the Law Office of Gregory P. Lee, PLLC, for legal counsel and representation. — Gregory P. Lee, personal injury and insurance litigation attorney

Have Your Benefits Been Denied? Talk To A “Bad Faith Insurance” Attorney

After you have suffered a serious injury, you have many worries and concerns. Financial and legal issues are best handled by a proven-effective plaintiff’s lawyer. At the Law Office of Gregory P. Lee, PLLC, our track record includes grateful testimonies from injured clients who received full compensation thanks to our efforts on their behalf.

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