We Meet By Accident


“After my traumatizing car accident, I was left feeling defeated. Due to my back and neck injuries, I was worried about my future in my career, and I was terrified to be in a car. My chiropractor recommended I get a lawyer due to medical bills etc. At first the thought of lawyers made me a little nervous, I’d never dealt with anything like this before. After speaking with Conner, I knew I was in good hands with them on my side. It was so important to me that I find someone who I could trust and that was honest. The Lees helped get me back to working full time and feeling confident in my future again. Receiving all the treatment I needed without the stress of the bills was a huge relief for me. They worked with my doctor and handled it all. Their staff was very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. They made it easy and stress free.

They were also very quick to respond to any questions I had along the way. I am so thankful for their help. They truly worked a miracle for me. I highly recommend them if you’re injured in a car accident.”

D. Ortiz

“Thanks again Greg!! My husband’s car was totaled after someone speeding through the parking lot t-boned him. As soon as he called me about the accident, I hung up and called Greg because he’d helped us through my husband’s first accident 5+ years ago. I was so nervous because Sean previously injured the discs in his neck during the first accident, and he’d needed quite a bit of medical treatment to restore his quality of life. I also knew this current accident would cause more damage and pain to his neck and shoulders and would again require medical treatment.

Greg helped us avoid ALL the headaches with the insurance company and got Sean’s neck treated right away. He made sure that the goal of treatment was to, at the bare minimum, get Sean’s neck pain returned to the status quo he’d worked so hard to maintain for 5yrs. In addition to that, we were able to take full advantage of our PIP benefits, which we kept and increased due to Greg’s advice after the first accident! Greg’s team went above and beyond for us regarding this case for 2 full years and remained calm & cheerful despite all the under handed tactics we faced from the opposing insurance company. In the end, not only did Greg take care of all our medical concerns, but he also got us an unexpectedly large settlement and kept my husband from having to unjustly admit any fault! All this without even having to go through with our trial.

We would gladly recommend Greg’s office to any and everyone! Greg is so easy to get along with and he explains everything clearly along the way. Most importantly, he and his staff are fair, honest and trustworthy. Accidents are something we hope never to happen, but if we’re ever faced with one again, it’s great to know that we can rely on someone like Greg Lee.

Thanks again everyone, may God continue to bless you!”

Sean and Arielle

“Thank you Greg! I tried to get help from the insurance company after my car wreck and was ignored. Thank the Universe I found Greg Lee on Google close to my house. He has been nothing but a professional at every turn! He was able to settle my case out of court with great results. Something we could have never done on our own… AAA (Absolutely Awesome Attorney)!”

D. Vance

“I found a Lawyer who is very trustworthy and honest. Gregory P. LEE represented me in a car accident and got me the help as well as the money I deserved. He made sure on a weekly basis that I was ok health wise and also mentally as well. I trust him in every aspect and will surely recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Gregory for representing me.”

L. Cain

“Greg And his staff are fantastic people they go out of their way to help you out I would highly recommend them for any personal injury case that you have they go above and beyond to help you”

K. Milliken

“I was involved in a terrible accident three years ago. I met with other attorneys before meeting with Mr. Lee in my attempt to find someone who I felt was honest and whom I could trust. After spending a few minutes with Mr. Lee, I knew I had found him. My three-year case has been grueling. You are not a number with him or his staff. The personal care they gave to my every question or concern was unparalleled as was Mr. Lee’s willingness to make himself available every time I wanted to meet. He never gave up on me and what’s more, he wouldn’t let me give up. He fought for me like I was family and in turn he and his wonderful staff became members of mine. If you are looking for honesty, integrity, professionalism and someone with a true desire to help people, you must go see Mr. Lee and his staff….. You will not be sorry.”

Charli Senterfitt

“I was involved in an auto accident and had to be transported by ambulance to the hospital. After I got released from hospital I contacted Mr. Lee’s office and spoke to Mr. Lee himself he set up appointment to meet in his office. After Meeting with Mr. Lee he made the fear of the unknown easy. Mr. Lee referred me to Dr’s and Handled all necessary appointments to get the health care needed to treat my neck and back injuries. Mr. Lee was always available to answer any questions from day one. Mr. Lee is the best at his profession and I would refer him to anyone that ever has to go thru the scary experience of being involved in an auto accident.”

Steve Welch

“I highly recommend and trust Mr. Lee as your attorney for any car wreck/injuries that you have. His office and staff are very professional. They reach out to consult with you first before worrying about anything else. Everything was a breeze. He is very smart, strategic and loyal to his clients. He also represented a friend of mine. She was very impressed and satisfied. Thank you so much for everything.”

N. Love

“I would highly recommend Attorney Lee for any Personal Injury case. He assisted me after my car accident and was very kind, understanding and patient throughout the whole process. Instead of making decisions on his own, he consulted with me prior to accepting or rejecting any offers and I never felt pressured to quickly make a decision. Mr. Lee is a very kind-hearted man. Give him a chance and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Thank you, Mr. Lee, for all your hard work.”

S. West

“I highly recommend Mr. Greg Lee who I was referred by a family member after being hit by a commercial vehicle. Mr. Lee and his staff are very considerate and caring of their clients. My Case was long but successful and settled out of court. He is honest, truthful and compassionate, If I had any questions he always kept me informed. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends! Thank You again Mr. Lee for your help and guidance.”

Legal Issue: Motor Vehicle Accidents — Plaintiff
S. Gandara in 2018

“Mr. Lee settled my case out of court and I received a higher settlement then I had planned on. He was always sweet and understanding and answered any questions I had. While I hope I don’t need a personal injury lawyer again if I did I would use Mr. Lee.”

Legal Issue: Motor Vehicle Accident
S. Lucas in 2017

” Both my pre-teen age daughter and myself, highly recommend Mr. Lee (Greg) and his team. Greg’s communication skills and style of communication as well as his easy going and calm personality make it easy to talk to him and work with him. We never felt pressured or clueless. He was responsive and timely and proactive about keeping us updated. He and his team were professional, but at the same time, maintained an environment of a family like atmosphere; they were always friendly and welcoming. He was knowledgeable and passionate. Greg exceeded my expectations during a difficult situation. ”

Legal Issue: Dog Bite
T. Fountain in 2017

“Mr.Lee is an amazing attorney, his whole team is very knowledgeable of your case. I’m very thankful we found him two yrs ago. My husband was in an accident and with all the questions I had they were answered very promptly by him or his wonderful staff. I will most defiantly recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Mr.Lee and your wonderful office staff.”

Legal Issue: Motor Vehicle Accidents — Plaintiff
Texas in 2014

“I always said if i was in an accident i would use the hammer. When my accident happened i went to the phone book to find a number. When i opened the new phone book there was Mr. Lee on the back cover. When i looked at him, i new he was the lawyer for me. He had a truly honest face and i automatically felt comfort in him. I called and made an appointment with him. When i met Mr. Lee, i had know doubt that i picked the right lawyer for the job. Mr. Lee will fight hard for his clients and will make sure he will do everything in his power to get your case resolved. The best thing i have to say is not only did i gain a lawyer, but i gained a new family because that is how you will be treated. Mr. Lee and his office staff go above and beyond your expectations. Thank you and your office staff for making me feel that i always had someone by my side. The accident happened in 2009 and won my case in 2013. Starline henderson”

Legal Issue: Motor Vehicle Accidents — Plaintiff
Starline Henderson in 2013.

“Mr. Greg Lee has been an advocate for me since the first day I met him. He encouraged me along the way, as I was treated for injuries from a car accident. He continually asked about how I was feeling, both physically and emotionally, always showing how much he cared about me, as a person. I knew he was very busy, with other cases, but he never made me feel like I couldn’t contact him directly, if I needed to speak with him. He listened to my concerns, and his staff was always helpful and kept up with my paperwork and answered my many questions. I had a very good experience with this law firm. I would recommend Mr. Lee to anyone who wants to work with an attorney who works hard to get the facts and who really cares about his clients. I am grateful that I was able to find Greg Lee and that he took my case. I’m personally appreciative for all that he has done for me, and I highly regard him as a professional in the greater Spring area.”

Legal Issue: Motor Vehicle Accidents — Plaintiff
Christine Funderburk in 2013.

“Greg Lee is the most conscientious and hard working attorneys that I have had the pleasure of employing. His attention to important details with an emphasis on results is excellent! I highly recommend Mr. Lee as your representative to filter through the minutia and arrive at an acceptable conclusion for you as his client.”

R McKnight

“Mr. Lee handled my case with compassion. He did not dismiss my “opinions” and took everything I said to heart. He kept me in the loop, yet did not waste time on useless communication. His staff was courteous and responsive. I feel that Mr. Lee and his staff did a commendable job for me and, if necessary, I would use his services again in the future. Additionally, based on the treatment I received, I would recommend him to my family and friends. ”

S. Peebles

“Greg took my case on after other lawyers had told me that I didn’t have a case and it wasn’t “worth it” for them to help me. Greg actually CARES about his clients, unlike other lawyers. He knew my case would be a risk and still took it on because he genuinely wanted to HELP ME. It was a long process because my insurance company didn’t want to cover any medical costs so Greg helped me get the proper medical attention I needed. After everything was said and done I still walked away with $20,000 and the surgeries that I needed — with Greg’s help! I couldn’t have done any of this without him and his wonderful team on his side! He is an amazing lawyer and a truthful, honest human being in his field for all the RIGHT reasons, to help others in need!”

Legal Issue: Motor Vehicle Accidents — Plaintiff
SK Seidel hired Gregory P. Lee in 2008.

“Greg, as he likes to be called by his clients, has a calm way of carrying business, putting you at peace. This has been a long, but very successful, ride, as I started services with Greg in ’08 after being hit by an intoxicated driver. His service is very personal, and unlike those attorneys seen on TV, who you never get to see, Greg is always there to talk to. Through the months of service, Greg made a point to personally keep me updated on the case. His many calls just brought me reassurance on the case. I highly recommend him if you want to have a worry free process. He takes care of it all so you don’t have to!”

Legal Issue: Personal Injury — Plaintiff
M. Alvarez hired Gregory P. Lee in 2008.