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6 reasons work zones contribute to car accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2023 | Car Accidents |

When driving through construction zones, many people might not realize the increased danger that surrounds them.

While these areas mean enhancements to infrastructure, they can also heighten the odds of car accidents, particularly when ignoring safety precautions.

1. Reduced visibility

Work zones often introduce obstacles that limit drivers’ visibility. Equipment, materials and temporary structures can obstruct sightlines, making it difficult to anticipate sudden changes in traffic flow.

2. Altered traffic patterns

Fixing or building a new road typically requires altered traffic patterns, such as lane shifts and narrowed lanes. These changes can confuse drivers accustomed to a certain layout, potentially leading to lane drifting and side-swiping incidents.

3. Uneven surfaces

Unsafe construction sites may leave road surfaces uneven or poorly maintained. Bumpy roads can lead to loss of vehicle control, especially at high speeds, increasing the risk of accidents.

4. Sudden stops

Navigating work areas requires sudden stops due to slower-moving vehicles, workers’ presence or unexpected lane closures. Drivers who fail to anticipate these abrupt changes can collide with the vehicle in front of them.

5. Fatigued workers

Workers in construction zones often endure long shifts, which can result in fatigue. Fatigue might impair their judgment and reflexes, making it challenging for them to respond promptly to changing traffic conditions.

6. Poorly marked hazards

Inadequately marked hazards, such as exposed equipment, loose debris or uneven surfaces, can catch drivers off guard, causing accidents proper marking may have prevented.

While the eventual new road may increase driver safety, around 700 fatalities occur in work zones every year. Recognizing the factors that contribute to accidents in unsafe construction sites allows drivers to take proactive steps to promote safer roads.