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The most common post-accident seat belt and airbag injuries

On Behalf of | May 5, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Texas is a beautiful state with a lot of things to see. Unfortunately, driving around this state means taking on the risk of getting into a car accident. While seat belts and airbags provide protection in a car accident, they can also cause certain injuries.


Sometimes, motor vehicle accidents can involve automobiles colliding at high speeds. When this happens, the seat belts that vehicle occupants wear can jerk them back from falling forward. Unfortunately, this motion can cause some people to experience whiplash. This injury affects the neck and can become quite painful.

Scrapes, burns and scratches

Many car accident victims deal with scrapes, scratches and burns. Scrapes usually happen as the result of your skin coming into contact with a car’s flat surfaces. Scratches often happen after a car accident due to the presence of broken glass. If an accident is severe enough, it can also cause flames to spread throughout your vehicle. Most scrapes and scratches should heal themselves. However, severe burns should get checked out by a medical professional.

Internal injuries

Not all automobile accident injuries are easy to detect. In certain situations, the force of a car accident can cause internal injuries. These injuries typically involve force to your stomach, ribs, and other nearby areas of the body.


If your head collides with anything during an accident, it can cause you to have a concussion. While they’re in a car to provide protection, it’s also possible for the force of a deployed airbag to cause concussions. If you suspect you suffered a concussion, it’s imperative to get a check-up.

Seat belts and airbags save countless lives when automobile accidents occur. However, they can also cause various injuries. If you were harmed in a recent car accident and need compensation for the losses that you incurred, it could be time to contact a lawyer.