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What is the potential for becoming paralyzed in a car accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2021 | Car Accidents |

The trauma of motor vehicle accidents can cause a variety of injuries. Texas drivers involved in crashes report suffering from concussion, whiplash and even paralysis. In fact, car accidents, along with sports injuries, are the leading cause of paralysis. If you already know you have whiplash, you may be concerned with whether paralysis will follow.

What is paralysis?

Most people think that paralysis is a loss of motion in muscles, but in reality, it is a loss of control of muscles. This means that paralysis can include spasms and muscle weakness. It can happen to just one part of the body, one side of the body or the entire body, and it can be temporary or permanent.

Signs of paralysis

If you were in a recent accident, watch for a few signs of paralysis. These signs include tingling, pain, numbness, loss of motion, twitching and spasms. Though you might feel pain, numbness or tingling from whiplash, simply having whiplash cannot cause paralysis.

What is the potential for paralysis in a car crash?

Many victims of serious car accidents suffer from spine injuries, which can lead to paralysis. If you are in a wreck, you should seek immediate medical attention even if you feel fine.

Because adrenaline is surging through the body in high-stress moments like these, it can mask the pain or discomfort of injury. You may experience symptoms and signs of injury from a few hours to a few weeks post-accident.

What you should do if you feel you have paralysis?

Seek medical attention immediately if you suspect paralysis or other personal injury. Whether the condition is permanent or temporary, a physician can determine the best course of treatment. They may also be able to prevent any further damage to the rest of your body.

Remember, it may be weeks before you even notice signs of injury. Along with getting medical care, you may want to consult a personal injury attorney to help you recover medical costs as well as loss of income, pain and suffering due to your paralysis.