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Spring Personal Injury Attorney

I am Gregory P. Lee, a personal injury lawyer, former insurance defense lawyer, and former insurance adjuster. When people contact my office after having been injured or having lost a loved one in a fatal accident, they often want to know a bit about me, my qualifications, and how I can help them recover compensation from negligent parties.

Potential clients soon discover that they receive direct, attentive care when they choose my law firm, Gregory P. Lee & Associates. They learn that I listen well, know the law, and am well-qualified to fight on their behalf.

Free initial consultation: Contact my law office to learn how I can help you after suffering serious injuries in a personal injury accident.

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  • Learn more about our practice areas, including car accidents, truck accidents, offshore accidents, construction accidents, or any other type of personal injury accident

Helping You Seek Compensation

The financial impact of a serious accident can be overwhelming. I can help you obtain compensation to cover the following expenses and more when sapplicable:

  • Medical treatment and hospital costs
  • Physical therapy and/or counseling
  • Lost income as a result of time off work
  • Loss of wage earning capacity as a result of not being able to return to the same type of employment, or not being able to return to work at all
  • Loss of personal property as a result of an accident
  • Diminished value of your vehicle as a result of the damage sustained in an accident
  • Physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, physical disfigurement, and impairment that cannot be measured in dollars but is very real for your family
  • Life care plans after a catastrophic or incapacitating injury

What You Can Expect at My Law Firm

Do you have questions or concerns about choosing the right attorney? Here's what to expect when you hire my law firm:

  • Honesty — Clients have said we are honest, upfront and clear in our communications.
  • Efficiency — Clients have said we are efficient and diligent in how we served them.
  • Empathy— Clients have said we truly "get" their point of view and expressed genuine empathy.
  • Knowledge of the insurance industry — Clients say that I obviously know insurance companies' tactics inside and out — and I am ready to match them in terms of knowledge, effort and skill in settlement negotiations or insurance litigation.

Whether you suffered minor injuries such as whiplash or more severe spinal cord injuries, you likely have many worries and concerns. I can help you.

Attorney With Experience Working As An Insurance Adjuster

My professional career began in the insurance industry as a claims adjuster. After seeing for myself how accident victims were often shortchanged in settlements after a car crash or explosion, I decided to become an attorney to help injured people deal with the "system."

After years of working with accident victims from both sides of the negotiating table, I am prepared to be your advocate if you and I decide to work together on your Texas accidental injury case. I am committed to using my God-given talents for the benefit of the injured and surviving family members.

Growing up in a blue collar home, I always understood the value of a dollar and the struggles of working people to get by and make a good living for their families. My clients come from all walks of life. Many say they are grateful for the way I relate to the challenges they face after an accidental injury or a fatal accident in the family. I consider myself a sincere and hardworking friend of injured and bereaved Texans who rely on Gregory P. Lee & Associates for legal counsel and representation. — Gregory P. Lee, personal injury attorney

Contact Me: Entrust Your Texas Injury Case to a Knowledgeable, Caring Attorney

To schedule a consultation to discuss your legal options, please call or e-mail our law office. Hospital or Home visits are available if you are not able to visit our office due to serious injuries.
We represent injured clients in Spring, The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Kingwood, Tomball, Magnolia, and surrounding communities.

Former Insurance Defense Attorney Ready to Defend Your Rights
Gregory P. Lee & Associates, LLP BBB Business Review Board Certified Texas Board of Legal Specialization

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